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American Music Street is a branded music theme park offering life-enriching experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities as the world's #1 destination for people who love American Music. 

This brick and mortar event space is designed to have 10 venues representing the music forms of pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, classical and more. With restaurants and immersive music activities, guests can spend an entire day or weekend enjoying American Music Street. This is an ideal venue for families, youth, seniors, corporate events and more. 

The brand of American Music Street is valuable and over-arching: being the perfect match to reach music lovers and musicians across the globe. From apps to syndicated radio, television and online programming, musical instruments and creative  products, the possibilities are endless.

American Music Street Co.
226 S. Wabash Ave. #700
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone (773) 860-8300

Shannon /   10 yrs   /  Chicago, IL   /  Music Lover

American Music Street is seeking investors in this multi-venue theme park and brand, as it grows from planning stages to its exciting opening day.

Hi!  I’m Shannon.  I’m in my school orchestra, I play clarinet.  Before starting orchestra I didn’t know that much about classical music.  Reciently, the orchestra has been playing some Copland and Stravinsky, and I really love those songs better than some of the dinsey arangements we also play.  My older brothers and sister also love music, but mostly reggae, regeton, rap, and pop.  In orchestra I’ve learned about a whole new type of music, and I like it, but honestly, I think I would like to play my clarinet a rock band... not just in orchestra.  I think it’s a really cool instrument.   

I was super stoked when I won a regional solo competition in Chicago, and the prize was a family pass to American Music Street.

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