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American Music Street Co.
226 S. Wabash Ave. #700
Chicago, IL 60604
Phone (773) 860-8300

“In the top one percent of all genres of American music you will find the greatest statement of true America at its best.

David Bloom

The Mission of American Music Street is to be the number one destination for musicians and music lovers to discover, celebrate and participate in American music.

People from all over the world love American music. They buy the songs, watch the videos, go to the concerts and imitate it. American music fueled the British invasion. Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and hordes of other British musicians fell in love with Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy from Chicago and they have emulated their style.

Music lovers will come to American Music Street both to revel in the American music legacy and to discover their own music in it. Music is a universal language and American music in today’s world is the ultimate universal language. It not only connects people from different cultures, it give listeners a passport to their feelings. It communicates through the powerful language of emotion.

American Music Street is an international destination featuring all musical genres made in America: rock, jazz, blues, country, rap, pop, classical, rhythm and blues, folk, bluegrass and dixieland. AMS will be a street of live musical venues, restaurants and retail.

An artist’s impression of AMS is shown above. Every club’s size will be commensurate with the popularity of the genre. The clubs will have their own bar with corresponding ambiance and décor related to the style of music. AMS artists will perform 6 shows per day in each of the clubs. Participation by the audience will be regularly sought and encouraged with AMS provided instruments.

In addition to ten live music clubs and a 20,000 capacity main stage, American Music Street’s street will have our unique musical rides instead of the normal amusement park rides. Each musical ride will be an interactive musical experience, provide fun and fulfilling communication with others, and help visitors to express music that often is dormant and untapped. Each ride stimulates an internal expressive impulse transcending shyness and the often mentioned, self-proclaimed, “I don’t have talent.” American Music Street will awaken the music that all people have inside. 

Hours of operation will be from 12pm to 10pm. Visitors will purchase an electronically coded ticket of variable value permitting entry to the clubs. Admission to the main stage will be separately purchased.

Potential Locations

Three potential sites are currently under consideration for American Music Street:

Chicago: provides a rich history of music. Chicago is the home to gospel music as well as a major hub for blues, rhythm and blues and jazz. Possible locations including: Navy Pier, as well as the old post office.

Las Vegas: a major entertainment hub with a built in audience

Dubai: an international destination ripe for American entertainment

The American Music Street Market includes:
Music lovers: Music lovers are divided into those who have never made music and those who have–whether at present or past. AMS will provide an opportunity for both groups to hear and make music. They will come to AMS to hear the greatest music in the world with others who share their tastes, celebrating their favorite music as well as discovering new musical styles. AMS is also the perfect place for people of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, to discover their own unrealized musical activity through imaginative interactive experiences. They will make music they never dreamed of making.

Music makers: Music makers include two groups, professionals and amateurs. Songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists from both groups will have an opportunity to perform their music in AMS’s varied themed clubs. The most accomplished will be invited to perform on AMS’s main stage. Jam sessions at AMS also will allow different levels of musicians to play together. AMS will partner with the largest record companies and radio stations to help promote its most talented visitors. Music makers will be inspired to new heights of creative expression.

Market conditions: It is difficult to compare AMS to any other venue, because there aren’t any. Although there are places offering some similar elements - live music, restaurants, hotels, musical education, interactivity and a tourist destination, none present all the American musical genres in one place, as well as our interactive concept, where visitors’ involvement with American music is a critical feature. 

For comparison: Nashville, with 13.1 million yearly visitors spending 5.43 billion, New Orleans, 9.28 visitors spending 6.47 billion; and Memphis; 10 million visitors spending 4 billion. 

In 2016 inbound tourism to the USA was 75.3 million people spending $15.02 billion. Live music in 2016 will gross $9.8 billion. Highly rated television shows such as America’s Got Talent, American Idol and The Voice boast regular weekly viewership of 10 million plus viewers, demonstrating ubiquitous interest in music, both as listeners and makers.

Investor opportunity
We are looking for serious investors who understand this project and the obvious and proven worldwide appeal for American Music Street. 

Capital expenditures
We anticipate the land cost around $75 million and construction, $90 million, depending on where AMS is built.  

David Bloom founder of Chicago’s 41 year-old Bloom School of Jazz and creator of American Music Street has taught music to thousands of music enthusiasts, including top pros and Grammy winners. Bloom understands that music is one of the greatest activities people can experience, whether as makers or as listeners, and live music is the best way to enjoy it.
Bloom has produced over 150 concerts and knows how to present music in the most powerful way.
On January 1st 2016, one of Bloom’s productions, Cool Heat, was broadcast on PBS.